Hardcore Fashion with a Dash of Pink

The Blonds5 The Blonds4SS09DLR_NY, The Blonds, New YorkTHE BLONDS NEW YORK SS11 09/16/2010THE BLONDS SS12 NEW YORK 9/14/2011THE BLONDS NEW YORK SS11 09/16/2010

Perhaps too risque for the dinner table or any family events, the unique looks by The Blonds makes an immediate statement. Fur, glitter, whimsically bright colors and blonde wigs. A combination of attire you’d wrap yourself in at a dub step club in outer space or hardcore lingerie. A few of their far out outfits are above, but if you’d like to view everything in the insane collection, they’re all located at www.theblondsnewyork.com

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