A Night in Gabriella’s Garden Hut

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Hidden away from all the distractions of reality, Serenity Farmhouse Inn and Resort, located in Wimberley, Texas, provides the perfect escape for old school romanticism.

Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by a staff member of Serenity, who will show you straight to your room, suite or guesthouse. Gabriella’s Garden Hut rests in the middle of the establishment, with greenery covering most of the building.

When you walk into the Garden Hut, the windows from the bathroom will light up the entire room, somehow illuminating the large, jacuzzi bathtub behind the shower. Opposite of the bathroom resides the bedroom, with a large, four post bed and multiple seating areas. Sunlight pours in from the high ceilings through a rectangular window.

The kitchen is stocked with plates, mugs, wine glasses, silverware, everything you need to have a night of relaxation. A log rests near the fire, inviting you to light it up and waste a couple hours in the company of it’s heat. A large daybed lays under a window, with a mattress perfect for moving to whatever place you see fit.

Before the sunsets, take time to walk around the grounds. Serenity has 19 cats living on the property, all gorgeous and all friendly. Farm animals stay quiet near the office and many picturesque statues keep Serenity feeling serene.

Breakfast in bed has never tasted better at 9:30 a.m. Don’t expect a continental breakfast at Serenity, instead look forward to a fruit cup, topped with a chocolate covered strawberry, eggs, baked potatoes with bacon, homemade cornbread and biscuits and large glass of orange juice.

Ahhhh, Serenity, what a gorgeous getaway. You can’t help but want to stay another night.


Interested in escaping the world. Visit Serenity’s website here.

*all photos of the rooms (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and outdoor view) belong to Serenity Farmhouse Inn and Resort.

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