MJ China Bistro

Dumplings fishwrappers squidcucumbersalad sushispecial

MJ China Bistro, a haven of amazing Chinese cuisine as well as a mouth watering sushi menu. When you enter, you’re met with a beautifully decorated interior. At the entrance you’ll find a sushi bar to your right and in front of you rests booths and rows of intimate seating.

Above are photos of personal favorites from the restaurant. The first photo presents a delicious appetizer of steamed dumplings. Next are fish wrappers; thin slices of tuna and salmon wrapped around cucumber sticks and fresh daikon sprouts on top of cucumbers. The fish wrappers are served with a spicy ponzu vinaigrette. The squid and seaweed salad pairs perfectly with some lemon squeezed on top and cucumbers hide underneath the seafood delight. The final photo shows a very reasonably priced sushi entree, a California and crunchy roll with more squid and seaweed salad!

To view the whole menu, please visit MJ China Bistro’s website.

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