Jacob’s Well in Wimberley, TX

Jacob's Well in Wimberley, Texas

Jacob's Well in Wimberly, TexasJacob's Well in Wimberley, TexasWimberley, TXroothandJacob's Well in Wimberley, Texas
Instead of giving my best friend a BFF necklace or a turtle charm (which she might have loved even more) for her birthday, I took her on an adventure. The only thing I divulged was the meeting time at my apartment. When she arrived, we jumped in my car and drove off into the distance.

About five minutes before we arrived, she had already guessed the location, perhaps because of the signs, but we had made it to Jacob’s Well in Wimberley, TX! A destination that was on my list of places to visit for 2014.

After looking at photos on the internet, I was finally experiencing it firsthand. We arrived early for the main reason of avoiding any other humans for the sake of photography, but this is a popular attraction. Even with people in the photo, Jacob’s Well is undeniably beautiful.

Jacob’s Well is gorgeous. You can dive down into the underground cave and swim about, or just sit above it and enjoy the view and the wonderful breeze. They’ve even created seating around the well which is ideal for those who don’t have the correct footwear for hiking to the top.
Along with Jacob’s Well, the area itself has many different place to explore, a perfect day trip location.

P.S. For my college graduation present I was given a MacBook Air, which I adore. I have yet to purchase any photo editing programs, so all the photos above have not been altered in any way. Pure, unfiltered nature.

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